Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Greatest Gift

We've had some sunny days lately. Not just cold winter sunny...but the kind of sunny that makes you think that spring is just around the corner

And Harry happened to be wearing a cute new button down shirt (a style that he rarely lets me put on him), so I felt like it was the perfect time for a mini-photoshoot in the front yard.

I'm definitely no photographer. I have a nice camera and lens but there's still a lot that I need to learn to be able to take great photos. Especially when my favorite subject is a wiggly 3-year-old boy.

These may be not be as crisp as I'd like them to be, but his sweet little expressions were just too cute to keep to myself. He truly is our greatest gift!!!

Oh this funny boy. He cracks us up daily. You can follow his "quotes" on my twitter account (there should be a link at the top of my blog). Yesterday I told him he could be my gardener this summer (he was helping me pull a few weeds in the front yard). His response "Okay Mom, I be your garden man!" He brought it up several times later in the evening, so I'm hoping he was serious. I could use a lot of help in the yard work department this season. It's definitely not my forte, but with this cutie helping me, maybe I'll get better at it! ;)

So we leave tomorrow morning for our vacation without this handsome little man. I know it's going to be SO GOOD for our marriage. A whole week to just enjoy time together in a beautiful setting. It sounds like a dream. And I also know that we're going to miss Harry a LOT! But he's in very capable hands while we're gone and I know he'll have a blast hanging out with my it'll be a win-win for us all. Plus...the reunion when we get back will be extra sweet! I'm already looking forward to picking him up from school next Tuesday. We get in around noon so we'll be able to pick him up after his nap :) 

Well, I'm signing off for the next week. But you better believe I'll be back with pics from our trip when we get back!!!

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