Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There's been so much I've thought about writing about lately but I just haven't.


...how Harry loves to tickle us. It cracks him up. Pure. Joy.

...the fact that Harry has a dimple in his right cheek that just gets bigger and bigger.

...there are only a few weeks left before summer!

...the next few weeks are full of weddings and graduations and parties. So many reasons to celebrate.

...we have family in town from now until mid-July, no joke. Harry is going to get lots of love over the next month

...I tried stitch fix and loved it (I've got a whole post coming soon).

...did I mention school is almost out? I'm so excited, and it hasn't hit me...all at the same time. But regardless, come June 21st it will officially be summer break.

...Harry has been asleep since 5:45 which means I better go to sleep now because he could be up early tomorrow.

[Update...it's 6:30am the next morning and he's still asleep! He must have been exhausted!]

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