Friday, May 10, 2013

No Excuse

I really have no excuse for my absence this week (or has it been two weeks?).

I need to post Harry's 18th (and 19th) photo for the 52 project.

I got my phone back. The lady who took it called and gave it back. Still can't believe that it happened in the first place. Or that she actually gave it back. But turned out to be a win for me in the end!

And I should have 10 photos to post today for Ten on Ten, but I think I only got a few in before bedtime when I realized that I never finished taking my photos for the day.

Maybe I'll do a re-do tomorrow.

I've had wonderful moments with my family, and with new friends in the past week or two...but I just haven't felt like posting. Not because I don't really like this space, or that I don't like sharing life with you (my faithful few followers), but I think I've just needed to be quiet. I'm learning to be okay with the fact that being wife, mom and teacher right now is often more than enough to fill my plate. I don't have a booming online blog is nothing fancy or home is always a mess and even when I do capture moments on my camera, I don't upload the photos until days (or weeks) later.

I'm just me and living one day at a time has been enough of an accomplishment. I don't have to show it off by posting all about what I've "accomplished" (which is really not much); I don't have to be super-crafy-gal all the time (or ever really, now that I'm chasing a walking toddler around). I'm not really very impressive and I'm okay with it! I genuinely am, most of the time ;)

So I'm sorry, but not sorry at the same time for the quiet around here. It's been good for me!

I'll probably be back this weekend...but no guarantees ;)

If you want photo overload, check out my instagram. I do tend to over-share with a few too many photos on there. It's just so easy and I love the filters. There's a link at the top of my blog (right column) or you can click here to view my instagram photos.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. It's a tough (but totally worth it) job; somebody's got to do it...and now that I'm a mom myself I am all the more thankful for all the hard work that moms do!

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