Saturday, September 17, 2016

Letter :: Ellis :: Month Four

Dear Ellis,

Well mister…I’m finally sitting down to write this letter and you’re already four-and-a-half months old. I’ll be taking your F I V E month pics in just a couple of weeks.

Moms always say this, but seriously “where does the time go?”. I cannot believe you are so old. You are such a little love these days. This month you started to grow attached to “lovies”. You like to play with and chew on them, but you especially love to snuggle them when you’re tired. You fall asleep best with a blanket or lovie by your face and your thumb in your mouth. YEP. That’s right…this month you became a thumb sucker. Not only is it the most adorable thing ever (I take pictures of you sucking your thumb almost every day because it’s just so cute), but it also helps you sleep. I almost feel guilty admitting this (because I know so many sleep deprived mamas) but you consistently sleep between 10-12 hours a night. I give all the credit to your thumb which soothes you throughout the night until you’re ready to wake up for the day. I have thanked Jesus for the cuteness of it, and the sanity that it has brought me…because, SLEEP!

In other news this month, you are working on your rolling muscles but haven’t quite rolled on your own yet. I help you partially over, but make you do the rest of the work. We shall see if you manage to roll before your brother did (at 8 months, lol). No rush though…we don’t mind keeping you in one spot since we know that as soon as you’re mobile our lives will be a lot crazier (and your brother’s legos will have to relocate from their current location…sprawled all over what has now been named the “lego room”).

Still no teeth, but if the drool and constant finger (as in our fingers) biting is any indication, they’ll be breaking through soon. You love to blow bubbles with all that slobber you’ve got which is fun.

Thanks for being a trooper on our trip to Hawaii! You were so easy-going on two long flights and a week away from home. You enjoyed many naps by the beach and pool. You slept great and even joined your brother for a few swims in your floaty toy. It was a trip we will never forget (sorry you won’t actually remember it, but we took several hundred pics so we can tell you all about it when you’re older).

Oh Ellis, we love you tons. Your fuzzy little blonde hair that’s really starting to grow in is velvety soft. And your eyes are changing, but not to the light blue I expected like Harry’s. They’re kind of a grey, green, hazel color at this point with a dark blue ring around the edge. So the jury’s still out on what color they’ll settle into eventually. No matter what color they end up being, there’s nothing better than making you smile so big that you smile with your eyes too!

Love you times a million,


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