Saturday, August 29, 2015

For My Faithful Few

I haven't blogged much at all lately.

What's new?!

I'm honestly not sure what it is. Probably a combination of things. Instagram probably has a huge part of it. I'm sharing little bits and pieces on IG all the time, which leaves me feeling like there's not much to blog about that I haven't already posted.

I think I've also come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to become a "famous" blogger. Even though I'm highly inspired by bloggers who are, it's just not me. I don't dedicate enough time or energy to it. And I'm just a regular girl who uses this to reflect on life and share pictures here and there. I'm not a home designer. I don't have tons of original crafty projects tutorials to share. I'm not a professional photographer. I'm not a book or food critic.

I'm just me. And frankly the things I want to blog about will never reach a huge audience or change the world. But I don't want to throw in the towel and get rid of this space either. I used my blog to post throughout my pregnancy and Harrison's babyhood. I still write him a letter every six months (yes I'm overdue on his 3.5 year letter). I've been blogging since my first year of marriage (formerly on wordpress) and I just can't give up this space, even if I'm horrible at keeping it updated.

So there you go - I'm pretty sure I'll still be a fairly infrequent blogger...but there is something nice about sitting down with an empty post and just putting my thoughts out there. I'll definitely be back in the near future to share my 3.5 year letter for Harry, and his first day of school (in the FOUR YEAR OLD CLASS) photos.

Posts I may or may not write soon:

  • My sister's wedding recap
  • Summer highlights
  • What I've read this summer
  • Back-to-School shenanigans
Your best bet to catch up online with me is of course Instagram (@knmatt).

Until next time! :) Cheers!!!

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