Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Favorites I Can't Bear to Forget!!!

Being silly on a family-dinner-date to Chipotle! YUM!

Heading off to my TEN YEAR REUNION with Josh! I'm We're getting old ;)

Harry and I have been memorizing the verse that says "The Heaven's declare the GLORY of God!" 

Evidenced in this picture!!!

A friend of mine from High School has been making and selling these gorgeous necklaces online. I now own two! #imayhaveaproblem

We cheered Daddy on at his first weightlifting competition in a LONG time! Way to Go DAD!!

Harry even got to wear the medal! :)

Me: "Harry, smile for the camera" (practicing for picture day at school).

This was what I got! HAHAHAHAHA!

Thankfully his actual picture was ADORABLE! :)

High five, to the side, down low...too slow Joe! #harrysfavoritegame

Snoozing in his big boy bed! Seriously, my favorite sight these days!

I am that mom that made him dress up according to the theme of a friend's birthday party. Well, close...it was a Minnie Mouse party...so he was my sweet little Mickey!

...and just for fun. FLASHBACK to Harry's fattest stage in life. 6 months old and 25 pounds :) :) :)

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  1. I love the school picture practice photo :) That last picture-- He's so chubby and cute!