Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letter: 2.5 Years

Dear Harrison,

We just returned from a magical trip to California. I can't believe that you've already been down there three times in the past couple of years! It was a fabulous time filled with sunshine, family, ocean waves, splashing in the pool, and your VERY FIRST DISNEYLAND ADVENTURE!

You may not remember this trip, but we will never forget it! Plus we took plenty of photos and videos capture the sweet memories. I think your favorite moments were with some of your favorite characters. On day one (California Adventure), you met Jesse, Woody, Buzz, Mater, and Lightning McQueen (who you affectionately call "La-Queen")! It was probably the best day of your life! I'm not even exaggerating! Seeing your face light up when we walked onto the main road in Radiator Springs was such a highlight of the trip for me. It brought the movie Cars to life; we were all in AWE!

And then the next day in Disneyland you got to meet Tigger, Eeyore, Pooh, plus the one-and-only, Mickey Mouse!

You enjoyed many rides, the Pixar parade, fireworks, a water show...for two days we sure packed in a lot of fun!

Needless to say we were exhausted and ready to relax the rest of our time in California, which is exactly what we did. It was wonderful spending time with our family in Valencia and La Verne. You especially loved all of the puppies you befriended while we were visiting! (We miss you Weasley, Ollie and Missy!)

On a separate note, what can I say about this stage in your life? Probably more things than I could ever fit into one letter.

You are very energetic (running, jumping, making sound effects, etc.) but you can also focus on a task for what seems like an endless amount of time (laying on the floor playing with your cars, trucks, trains, planes...anything with wheels and/or an engine). You are sweet and tender, especially when someone is hurt. Most of the time you are quick to say you are sorry when you're in the wrong, but not always. This is something I'm trying to intentionally model for you, although I probably don't do it enough; I am thankful for God's grace in moments when I don't handle things well, which is often. Good thing we get a new day every 24-hours to try again!

You get tired and cranky and throw tantrums that result in time-outs. You've had a few spankings as well, but I'm glad that time-out seems to work well most of the time. You forget to say thank you at times, but you use your manners often. You look adorable with a fresh haircut, and your laugh practically stops my heart it is so sweet. You love to be tickled, protesting at first, but begging for more as soon as we stop. Just this past week you've taken an interest to the tricycle that's been sitting in the garage for a while, and though you haven't quite got the hang of it, you really enjoy trying!

There have certainly been moments that wear my patience so thin that come bedtime I'm just exhausted (like that one time several times that you took off your poopy diaper while napping, gross!). Motherhood is a messy job, and sometimes a very tiring job, but there is nothing I would rather give my life to than you.

Another big deal in regard to your life in the past few months is the surgery you had on your ears. You'd been getting awful ear infections, for months upon months. After consulting with two pediatricians and a specialist, we decided it was time for you to get tubes. It was honestly the BEST decision we have ever made (besides following Jesus, getting married and having you of course)! Before the tubes you struggled to sleep, coughed a lot, and could never seem to get over a cold. Now, you have only been sick once I think, and it was very minor. You sleep like a champ and seem so much more happy and healthy!

In a few weeks it'll be back to school for you and I. We will be getting up earlier (and likely going to bed earlier too). I know there'll be days when you just want to stay home, and trust me I will have those days too. But there will be plenty of days that you can't wait to get there, to see your friends and teachers, to play with the MANY fun toys they have, and to learn new things too. It will be a hard, but good change for us to get back into the routine of the school year, I know we will both learn a lot this year!

Until then, it's time to soak up the last bits of summer. To rest and play, enjoy the sunshine and splash around the backyard. To laugh, meet friends at the park, jump on the couch, eat fruit, take walks...I could go on and on.

As always I love you more than words can say. Thanks for stretching me as a mama and helping me to realize how much I need Jesus' grace every day. I love you and am so thankful that you're my boy!

Love always,


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