Thursday, July 3, 2014

On Being Courageous

To be honest, I'm not very courageous. I wish I were more brave, but I'm kind of a "play it safe" gal. I don't like to take big risks, but I'm learning that sometimes it is the better way to live. Embracing change, trying something new even when I will likely's a little scary but it requires trust in God...which is a really good place to be.

The following prints were inspired by a verse my friend and her husband used for their son's baby dedication: 2 Samuel 10:12

I started out with a shield motif...

...and then moved onto a more modern and bright design.

I'm not sure if either of these are your style...but you're welcome to snag a copy for yourself (for free). Just click on the photo to download two 5x7 prints of each.  I put two on a page, because why not?! It utilizes the extra space on the page; one for you, and one for a friend ;) 

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