Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MOTHER'S DAY [in photos]

So this wasn't on Mother's Day...but Harry's Spring Concert & Parent Picnic was the BEST Mother's Day Gift I could ask for!!!

(Oh and Josh surprised me with "family photos". That is also the BEST gift I could ask for. I seriously cannot wait because Josh, Harry and I will be getting family photos by one of my FAVORITE blogger/photographers in the next month or so!!! I am seriously over the moon)!!!

But back to the Spring Picnic :)

That CHEESY precious!

Harry and the BEST TEACHER EVER!!!

Harry the duck, standing by his duck artwork! :)

Mama is clearly more excited about this picture than a certain someone! Hahaha!

Mother's Day Dinner with my family :)

...and with Josh's family too! :) 

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