Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thanks to Harry

...I now know where all the trucks are in our neighborhood. Whenever we are drivin and see a truck (or other large vehicle) he points and says "a tuck"...

...I've had the "pleasure" of sharing his cold this week. 

...I get to read his favorite books "again, again, again". Seems to be his favorite word these days. 

...Josh and I are daily in awe of his growing ability to communicate and use new words in the right context! 

...I get to tuck in my big 20-month-old BOY, who is fast asleep with a book open on his chest. Open to the page about trucks of course ;)

...I don't look like a crazy person when I'm talking to myself in the grocery store. 

...I pray more and take more naps! 

I'm one lucky mom, thanks to my sweet Harry boy :)

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